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How to proceed?

If you have purchased BEYOND in the last year, or have already updated your license from BEYOND SLE to BEYOND 2.1,
You can download and install the latest version below.

BEYOND 4.0 Full Version

If you did not update your license since BEYOND 2.0 SLE, continue reading below.

Since the release of BEYOND 2.1 and up, we have now segmented the software into it’s three levels (Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate) and we provide easy upgrade paths for existing QuickShow and LD2000 clients to migrate over to the BEYOND software. In addition, BEYOND 2.1 and up are the only versions of the BEYOND software to support our new FB4 hardware — a new, integrated, network based laser control platform, featuring advanced hardware control options for laserists, lighting designers, and mobile DJ’s. (You can learn more about FB4, by Clicking Here.)

How to download and work with BEYOND 2.1 and up

To begin working with BEYOND 2.1+, existing BEYOND 2.0 SLE clients must first receive an updated BEYOND license file. You can request this license file using the form below. To start the process, simply upload your existing BEYOND license (using the upload tool below), and let us know from where you purchased the BEYOND software (whether through a local dealer, or directly from Pangolin). After that, our support team will generate a new BEYOND license file for you, enabling you to work with this latest version of the software. Once you have received the new license file, simply download and install the latest version of BEYOND (using the link below) and you will be up and running. If you need support when performing this update, simply contact us, and one of our support team members will promptly assist you.

Additional Information for QM2000 Clients working with BEYOND

If you are using QM2000 hardware, BEYOND 2.1 and up requires you to use the latest version of LD2000. You can download LD2000 version 5.60 using the link below. (The updated license file mentioned above is required for BEYOND 2.1 and up, whether or not you are using a QM2000.)

 How to download the latest version of BEYOND Special Launch Edition (SLE)

If you are currently using BEYOND 2.0 Special Launch Edition, you may have seen a notification that a new version is available. Indeed there is a new version! We have released BEYOND 2.0 Special Launch Edition, which replaces the previous version of BEYOND Special Launch Edition. This Build includes important updates and bug fixes in addition to removing the notice that there is a new version of software available. Therefore we strongly recommend that all current users of  BEYOND 2.0 Special Launch Edition to download and install the version that can be downloaded below:

BEYOND 2.0 699B SLE B32 version (only for SLE license holders)

How to proceed when you still have a BEYOND 2.0 SLE License?

Let us know where you purchased the software, and send us your BEYOND 2.0 license file.


Tell us the name of the company from where you purchased BEYOND

If you have an invoice or reference number, enter that below

Upload your BEYOND 2.0 license file here: (this should be called License.bmp, found in the C:\BEYOND folder)

Enter your name and email below, where you want us to send your updated license file:

Download the latest version of BEYOND that meets your needs.

Latest version of BEYOND

BEYOND 4.0 Full Version

BEYOND 2.0 SLE for FB3 and QM2000

BEYOND 2.0 699B SLE B32 version (only for SLE license holders)
When using the QM2000 with BEYOND 2.1 and up, you will need to install the new LD2000 5.63 update. You can find the download link here. After LD2000 5.63 is installed,  if you also want to use the BEYOND Special Launch Edition, you will need to (re)-install  BEYOND 2.0 Special Launch Edition which can be found above. Requires special SLE license.
These licenses are no longer available for purchase.




 We’re here to help

If you need support setting up and configuring BEYOND 2.1, or the latest version of BEYOND Special Launch Edition 2.0,
please contact our support department by completing the form below. You can also call us at anytime (+1-407-299-2088).