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What is new in BEYOND 3.0?

BEYOND 3.0 bridges the gap between laserists and lighting designers. Allowing you, as an artist,
to harness the power of BEYOND software  for creating laser show content, and easily
combine this with show operation from a lighting console

Making control of lasers from a lighting console, better than ever before! 

BEYOND DMX Server Mode


With BEYOND 3.0, you can now have an increidbly advanced DMX server to work with inside the software. And each zone of BEYOND is represented as it’s own fixture, inside the lighting console.


Plug and Play Console Support


With advanced support for DMX Input, now you can work directly from a lighting console without having to program any complex PangoScripts, or load any custom profiles.


See all of this in action


How to download BEYOND 3.0?

– Coming Soon –

Are you still using BEYOND 2.0 or lower? Please read this first! 


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